Now is a great time to give a visit to Light of Christ!  Though we are a young, small church plant we are not content to remain one of Portland’s best kept secrets!  Read below to get a taste of what to expect…

About our space:
 Light of Christ has moved back home!  For this season we are discovering in a fresh way what it means to be a “Family on Mission” by meeting in family homes for our services and gatherings.  Often we share a light meal before or after prayer or other activities.  You and your family are most welcome to join us!

CommunionTableWithCandleAbout our prayers: One of the gifts of being a 21st Century Christian is that you don’t have to figure out this Jesus thing out from scratch. Hence our prayers are an expression of our “Ancient-Future” identity— taking the riches of Christian spirituality and expressing that in a present reality. Moreover the same basic content and shape of the prayers you’d hear in our churches in Bagdad, Buenos Aires and Nairobi.

About the preaching: Our aim in our preaching is to provide attendees with an encounter with the Living Word— Jesus Christ— by the power of the Holy Spirit to the glory of the Father.  We do that by savoring God’s Word and letting him speak through our own distinct voice and accent.

About communion: Often when we gather for Sunday celebration we rehearse the meal Jesus gave us, Holy Communion. Each time Jesus, by His Spirit, offers himself afresh to us in the bread and the wine and we, in turn, come forward and offer ourselves to him. It is out the life that God offers in that meal that all of life is possible. Hence, Holy Communion is both our spring board for action and the act that makes community possible. Since this is Christ’s meal, not ours, Holy Communion is open to all baptized Christians who want Jesus’ renewing presence.