Dear Greater Portland,

Portland and the surrounding area are in a season of resurgence.  Portland is being ‘discovered’ as one of North America’s greatest small cities.  We’ve lost count the number of enviable top 10 lists the city can now boast of.  The cultural depth and breadth of our community continues to expand as new galleries or eateries open or innovative small businesses spring up.  Ever so gradually the color of our region is beginning to change as new ethnic groups bring the richness of their culture and heritage to our shores.

This resurgence should come as no surprise.  As former Governor Angus King reminded us, “our geography is our destiny.” Across the millennia our stunning natural resources have been our calling card.  Not many cities can boast such a breathtaking and useful deep water port (providing us with the option of public transportation to a system of islands!).  We could go on.  But it is the rich natural gifts of our region that provide the landscape upon which we are building innovative hospitals and schools.  It is from this landscape that we are starting new farms and building new homes and new lives.  Greater Portland again is becoming discovered as a place to build not just a life, but a beautiful life.

But why now?  Why this revitalization at this moment?  Our answer, for which we are thankfully not alone, is that Greater Portland is being prepared for a moment of spiritual resurgence.  Maybe that sounds kooky, but we are seeing the sparks of God’s Kingdom ready to blaze into flame.  Our heart with Light of Christ is that we would play a supporting role in the spiritual revitalization of Greater Portland.  Great cities, great communities need great churches. The two grow hand in hand.  Thankfully we are not alone in this.  God is in this.  God’s church is in this. 

If you want to build a beautiful life, we invite you to do that with us. 

If you want to build a truthful life, come do that with us.

If you want to build a generous life, spend your life with us. 

The pathway into that life has a name in our world: Jesus Christ.  He is the Light that is calling you. 

Receive his Light.  Become his Light.  Share his Light.

In the Name of + the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Light of Christ Anglican Church, Greater Portland