shapeimage_4Light of Christ Greater Portland is an emerging parish within the Anglican Diocese in New England, a diocese of the Anglican Church in North America. Anglicanism is Christianity’s third largest communion, with some 85 million persons across 165 countries dating back to the earliest entry of Christianity to England (early 3rd Century). We are an “Ancient-Future Faith” that draws in fresh ways from the deep resources of 21 Centuries of Christian wisdom and practice.

While the name “Anglican” may sound unusual or new to some, you have likely heard of a few of these Anglicans:

cs_lewisHRM Elizabeth II
C.S. Lewis
Arthur Guiness
William Wilberforce
John Donne
John Wesley

Anglicanism has a wide-ranging influence on our culture. The foundations of Oxford and Cambridge universities are Anglican. It developed the first English language services, the King James Bible, the majestic English choral tradition as well as innovative praise. Even some of our beloved TV fictional characters are Anglican, such as the nuns of Nonnatus House (“Call the Midwife”) or the Crowley family (“Downton Abbey”)!

Anglicanism is a global faith. Within the last 50 years the majority of Anglicans now live in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Its leaders have been called to face dictators, racism and genocide. Those dynamic parts of the Communion are leading Anglicanism into a 21st century renewal movement.

BISHOPS OFFICIAL PHOTOAnglicanism is a multi-national, multi-ethnic church of both poor and rich. Our services are held under a shade tree in a savannah, beneath a tin roof in an urban slum, within a Gothic cathedral or a suburban living room. Where ever we gather we are known for:

✤Letting Holy Scripture speak with authority to our lives
✤Feasting on Christ’s presence in the meal he gave us (Holy Communion)
✤A growing dependence on the Holy Spirit to guide, heal and restore
✤An honoring of Christian wisdom and practice across time and space

This is our church. We welcome you!