Christ’s light set aflame in every community and culture in Greater Portland.


In union with Christ and His Body, Light of Christ Anglican seeks to empower new communities of mission that would “Walk in the Light” as we:

✤ Enter the Light through the ancient prayers of the Church
✤ Become the Light through hearts, heads and hands that embrace Christ’s love
✤ Spread the Light through love, service and witness so that others can become the Light of Christ

Guiding Values for Light of Christ

✤ Mission: We join God’s mission for our communities.
✤ Faith: We leave space for God to do big things and have confidence in the Holy Spirit to heal, restore and lead the way.
✤ Worship: We are filled with the presence of God through Prayer, Word and Sacrament.
✤ Beauty: We discover God’s creative voice in creation and the Arts.
✤ Truth: We embrace Truth itself, the person of Jesus Christ.
✤ Generosity: We are marked by a generosity of physical and spiritual resources.